Rockstar Cowgirl

Rockstar Cowgirl is a shop located in Cody, Wyoming that's been operating since 2007. All of our jewelry is one of a kind and high quality. We also specialize in Tres Outlaws custom handmade cowboy boots.

Ten years ago, I was stressed out from teaching fourth grade, inner city in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I always knew that I belonged out west. After a Kid Rock concert and his song "Cowboy", I came up with the name Rockstar Cowgirl. I trademarked the name and borrowed $10,000 from my parents. I went to Manhattan and bought $10,000 in beads. (I loved beads since I was a child and had always been creative) Needless to say, as it does in his song, I packed up my bags and headed out west.

I did not know a soul, but I knew that I belonged in Wyoming as soon as I arrived. I rented the basement of an old store on the main drag and had a great neon sign that read "Rockstar Cowgirl". Now ten years later, I have a large store just steps away from Buffalo Bill's famous Irma hotel.

I was also blessed with two of the most wonderful employees, friends and sisters. Amanda and Laura. Thank you! Scott, or Poppy as I call him is an entirely different story. We have been engaged for eight years I think?

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